Marshall Hand Tint Materials Guide.

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Marshall's Photo Pencil Sets.

    Many colorist find that Marshall's Photo Pencil Sets are a perfect complement to Marshall's Photo Oils; indeed, the colors of pencils are matched to the photo oils, and are often used for detail work. However, many Artist also use th pencils as a sole source of color on the print. Whether worked individually or in combination with oils, the fine controls these pencils afford make them ideal for a wide range of subject matter and effects.

Marshall's Photo Oils.

   There are two types of oils-Regular and Extra-Strong. The regular colors are for most needs, and are used for portraits, naturalistic landscapes and other pictorial purposes. The Extra-Strong Colors are highly concentrated, and are used when brilliant tones are desired. They can also be used to impart a surrealistic element to scenes, or for abstract studies. The two types of oils may be mixed for even more color choices. Have a look at our Photo Art Gallery.  

  Color films records most all the color of the spectrum, nearly all colors can be reproduced by mixing only a few basic or primary colors. Color films are made with three color-sensitive layers, each of which records the wave lengths of lights in a different third of the color spectrum. Colors negative film is processed to be the opposite in colors and density of the original scene; then it is printed onto a sheet of sensitized paper to make a positive color print.
   This is why I shoot color films to Print out my Black and White Photos the Classic way. Color films gives more details in my prints. The colors remain true and the tones are richer. I use the actual color photo as a guide when my Hand Tinting my Black and White Prints.

This is a Color Photo the Classic way.

This a Black and White Photo the Classic way, delivered inside my darkroom.

This is a Hand Tinted Black and White Photo the Classic way, Never computer aided in any way. Photo Art is Original and signed.

My Photo Art is Original. No one does it better. I can use either a Color or Black and
White negative to create my Photo Art the Classic way.

Marshall's Photo Retouch Colors.

   Marshall's Photo Retouch Colors are made specifcally for photographic media, including color prints, Black-and-white prints and slides. The colors are all self blending, which means they can be applied over one another until the desired effect is achieved. The colors fall into three basic catergories-Primary, Basic and Bright.

Marshall's Professional Sprays.

Print finishing is a way to protecting the efforts you have put into your work, plus makes for a more effective presentation when you show your work to Gallery owners or Art directors.