How to Hand Tint Black and White Photos

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We do Black and White Reprints.

   We Specialize in Black and White reprints from negative film. We use the  "Classic" technique in enlarging our Images. We use only Fiber based Paper. Our prints meet and exceed archive standards. We strive to produce high quality prints from your "Old" forgotten negatives. Our prints can be Hand Tinted. We use double weight matte paper. If you are a beginner in Hand Tinting check out our how to guide. It's easy, rewarding and lots of Fun! So what are you waiting for, send us any "Old" negatives and let us do our Magic.  

  We use Marshalls products exclusively to Hand Tint our Black and White Photos.

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   We have an Archive of over 50,000 images that we can convert into Black and White Images. So if you see any of our Color Photos that you like, we will Hand Tint and Hand Tone it for you, please let us know. Visit our Photo Gallery.

Art is the only Investment you can make that gives real Dividends.

 How long does a Photograph last ? Some of the first ever made have held up perfectly, their images as durable as if they had been carved in stone. For Black and white Photos, archival processing is not very different from customary method of developing, fixing and washing. It basically an extension of the ordinary procedures, involving a few extra steps.
During development, those grains of silver salts that have been exposed to light are reduced to black metallic silver, which forms the image; but unexposed grains are reduced and remain in silver form of a silver compound.
When these silver-fixer complexes decompose they produce a brown-yellow compound may discolor the entire print. Archival processing includes procedures that eliminate the traces of residual chemical that washing alone cannot entirely remove.
 I Hand Tone all of my Black and White Photo Art the Classic way. There are several reasons for toning a black and white print: to make the photograph more permanent; I love to use BERG BROWN/COPPER Toning Solution is a single bath solution used for toning black and white prints or films, having no offensive odor. The tonal range is very long, giving initially a warming effect, then a brown tone, followed by a sepia and flesh, and finally a deep metallic copper tone. The actual tone produced depends on the length of time of toni
ng and the photographic material.
Color Photo Art born inside a Camera th
e Classic way.

Black and White Photo Delivered in my Dark room.

Hand Tinted Black and White Photo the Classic way, Photo has been Copper Toned.

My Hand Tinted Photo Art is original and signed. Photo meets or exceeds Archive standards.

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